Life Skills

Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program

Although most classes engage with our Learning Garden in some way throughout the year and our Upper Primary class underakes the full Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program. This involves a 45-minute lesson each week where students engage in planting, harvesting and maintaining a vegetable garden. There is also have poultry to look after. Students then have a 90-minute lesson once a fortnight to learn how to cook amazing Stephanie Alexander recipes using produce from the garden and other seasonal vegetables. Students and volunteers then have lunch around a table, enjoying food and conversation. It has been a real success and elements of the program are expanding into other grade levels within the College.


The use of technology is being progressively integrated across most subject areas. We are an Apple Mac school and students have access to desktop computers near classrooms, MacAir laptops, Interactive Whiteboards and iPads. Coding is also taught from Grades P-6 as part of our Life Skills program. 

Students engage in programs about cybersafety and students are reminded of the College Internet usage protocols at the beginning of each year. Grades 2-6 students and their parents also sign an Internet Usage Agreement at the start of each year.

Integration and real life experiences

Where relevant and practical, there will be aspects of curriculum content and processes that are integrated across a range of Key Learning Areas and other aspects of school life and community. Real contexts for learning are used strategically to make learning more meaningful for students, with outdoor experiences, camps, excursions and incursions being an important part of our curriculum.

Camps Program

Grade P/1 students: Stay late at school in Term 4

Grade 2 students: Sleepover at school in Term 4

Grade 3/4 students:

Two-night camp at Billabong Ranch in Echuca (Year A)

Two-night camp at PGL Adventure Camp at Kyneton (Year B)

Grade 5/6 students:

Four-night camp to Canberra (Year A)

Two-night camp at Sovereign Hill in Ballarat, which includes the costumed school and Aura Light and Sound Show (Year B)

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