Life is a precious gift from God. Studies in Health, Physical Education and Sport promote understanding of food, nutrition, fitness, health and safety. Students learn the importance of maintaining and caring for their bodies. They develop knowledge and understanding needed for making wise choices that will lead to a healthy and active lifestyle now and in the future.  It is important that students learn what may influence the choices they make now and in the future. Developing good habits in their health and fitness is an important part of being good stewards of the life that God has given them.

Our Health Program involves at least 1-3 lessons a week using a range of different resources. One of the key components of our Health program is the Grade 5-6 students’ involvement in the Stephanie Alexander National Kitchen Garden Program, which involves growing their own produce, cooking it and learning how to enjoy food together with others.

Our Physical Education and Sport Program includes:

 Students have the opportunity to participate in district fun days, and district/divisional summer, winter, cross country and athletic competitions. There is also opportunity for students to represent the College in the local Futsal competition.

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